Top Ten Trends in New Product Innovations | Fuel PR

Fuel PR recently visited Vitafoods Europe – the global nutraceutical event for ingredients and raw materials for the dietary supplements and functional food & beverages industries held in Geneva, Switzerland.

Vitafoods Europe provides visitors the opportunity to gain crucial advice and expertise on market trends, regulatory complexities, packaging and labelling challenges and market drivers, helping make better strategic business decisions.

Gillian Waddell shares insights on the emerging trends in New Product Innovations, as revealed by Innova Market Insights:

  1. Clean Supreme

Less is more! Clear label is the new global standard. “Interest in naturalness and clean label continues to feature strongly,” said Lu Ann Williams, Director of Innovation at Innova Market Insights. The demand for full transparency upsurges marketing efforts integrating the entire supply chain into a product’s branding.

  1. Disruptive Green

Plant milks and alternatives for meat are all showing strong growth. As a result of increased nutritional awareness, consumers are looking for ground-breaking options to take the inherent benefits of plants into their daily lives.

Different vegan milks on a table. Hazelnut rice soya and almond milk. Substitute for dairy milk. [[** Note: Shallow depth of field ** Note: Visible grain at 100%, best at smaller sizes      3. Sweeter Balance

The quest to combine taste and health is driving new product development as consumers are still seeking the unique, healthy key ingredient that delivers the sweetness.

     4. Kitchen Symphony

The connected world has led consumers of all ages to become more knowledgeable of other cultures. “High-authentic” foods using specific ethnic ingredients based on global influences are thriving, especially in North America and Europe.

    5. Body in Tune

Personalised nutrition is in! Consumers are interested in personalising their own nutrition intake around what they think will make them feel better – think free from products and specific diets like paleo and low FODMAP.

fuel pr - new product innovation trends      6. Plain Sophistication

“Simple eating is premium eating,” comments Lu Ann Williams. ‘Craft’, ‘simplified’ and ‘hand-made’ claims will increase in 2017. Sophisticated eating has gone back to the roots, and local sourcing combined with effective storytelling will be a big thing for refined dining.

     7. Encapsulating Moments

Targeting specific moments is becoming a powerful weapon for marketers, especially in categories like snacking. How about grabbing ‘on-the-go’ yogurt for the morning commute?

    8. Beyond Pester Power

Kids are now setting the family dinner agenda themselves, influenced by TV shows such as Junior MasterChef, children will be targeted at both home and school as they are a significant part of the advanced cooking trend.

cooking kids - fuel pr

     8. Fuzzy Borders

Boundaries for products are becoming more blurred. Working with bold, off-the-wall and wacky flavours meet the demands of consumers looking for unique flavour experience. Think ready-to-drink coffee with almond milk or sweet & savoury combinations.

    9. Seeds of Change

Seeds bring a natural source of flavour, texture and health, including a high protein content and consumers are looking to benefit. The number of products claiming ancient grains as ingredients is growing, with a high rate of NPD dedicated to products containing quinoa and chia such as burgers, yoghurt, chips and drinks.