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17 Mar 2016

Why should fashion and beauty brands be on Instagram? | Fuel PR

Did you ever count how many hours per day you devote to online activity? Research found that on average we spend between 2 – 6 hours using social media sites[1][2]. Therefore, it should be no surprise that social networking platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are constantly growing in active users. Sites like these have become the most cost-effective advertising tool to drive sales for brands, businesses and individuals. Today, being noticeable on social media is a must-have on […]

08 Mar 2016

Women’s Day | Fuel PR

Happy Women’s Day! We would like to convey our best wishes to all fabulous women’s around the world. On this special day, celebrate your life and take a break from your busy schedule. Have fun and do what your heart says because its your day! Fuel PR Team  For more information please contact Leandra Cardozo at Fuel PR (Leandra@fuelrefuel.com)

04 Mar 2016

Sophie Addison for Fuel PR International: 8 Healthy Skincare Treatments From Your Kitchen Pantry

Everyone wants skin which is radiant, beautiful and youthful. However, achieving this can be difficult at times. Mostly, people think that the use of expensive makeup and skin care products is the key to a healthy and beautiful skin. However, you may already have the key to a beautiful skin in your kitchen. There are various items in the refrigerator or cupboard that are crucial and effective in beauty and skin care. Some people have an idea of most of […]