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27 May 2016
23 May 2016

Fuel PR International Announces: PGA Pros Set To Make Perfect Cuppa | Fuel PR

Fuel PR talks about its client’s recent success: beverage company Keurig has brewed up a three-year deal to join The PGA Official Supplier programme.

20 May 2016

Fuel PR Scoops An Award For TONI&GUY Salon Professional in the 2016 Hair Awards Super 60| Fuel PR

Leandra Cardozo is pleased to announce that the TONI&GUY Salon Professional Deep Barrel Waver has won the Best Wavers category for the second time in the 2016 Hair Awards Super 60. For more information, please contact Leandra Cardozo at Fuel PR (Leandra@fuelrefuel.com)

17 May 2016

Fuel PR International: Shona Wilkinson’s Guest Post

What is it? – Nutrigenomics is certainly the new buzz word but what exactly is it? Genetics is the study of genes which determine how similar or different we are from each other.  Nutrigenomics simply combines the study of nutrition and genetics. There are some genetic markers you just can’t change e.g. genetically predisposed to be tall or have big ears!  Through genetic testing however, we can see how certain genes can affect the rate of absorption, distribution, metabolism or […]

13 May 2016

Fuel PR International for BodyBuilding.com at BodyPower Expo 2016

Fuel PR’s Managing Director, Gillian Waddell, attends BodyPower Expo 2016 show.

10 May 2016

Fuel PR International for Kappa Bioscience at Vitafoods Europe | Fuel PR

For help with your international PR requirements please contact Gillian Waddell (Gillian@fuelrefuel.com) and Susan Leigh (Susan@fuelrefuel.com) at Fuel PR

05 May 2016

Daisy Grace for Fuel PR: How to Develop a Stress Management Strategy with These 7 Steps?

Whether you’re worrying about your finances, health, job, friends, or family, stress manifests itself in many ways that seem impossible to escape. The American Psychological Association (APA) is no stranger to the problem. Their surveys show that 22 percent of Americans felt extreme stress in 2011, and 39 percent of adults said their stress only increased with time. Although most people realize stress can cause common health problems like heart disease, obesity, and depression when left unchecked, it can be […]