Monthly Archives: January 2018

31 Jan 2018

Fuel PR with Saphira’s Hair at Soho Hotel

Fuel PR with Saphira’s Hair at Soho Hotel Fuel PR hosted an exclusive media event to launch Saphira Hair to showcase the range of natural hair care products made with the 26 Minerals found in the Dead Sea. The six products in the Saphira range are enriched with 26 Dead Sea minerals, which are produced naturally under unique climatic conditions and all contain fluorine, calcium, magnesium and copper, which bring essential therapeutic benefits to both hair and scalp. The event […]

25 Jan 2018

The Three K’s to Kickstart a Healthy Gut

The Three K’s to Kickstart a Healthy Gut With Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) affecting up to 20% of the UK population, and the establishment of the gut as ‘the second brain’, there has never been a more relevant time to address your digestive health and begin to make educated dietary choices. So why is gut health so critical? Being mindful of the health of your gut inhabitants will not only benefit your digestive system but have further effects on overall […]

23 Jan 2018

Fuel Agenda Monitoring

Fuel Agenda Monitoring 22 January 2018 London Where in the world are supplement sales growing? The $121.2 billion global supplement industry is growing faster in some regions than others. This infographic shows where growth is occurring (and where it’s not). 20-Jan-2018 New Hope Network Vegan nation: the rise of veganism What do you mean, weak, limp and weedy? In 2017 the vegan category was robust, energetic, and flush with crowdfunding cash. It took just 30 hours for UK plant-based burger […]

17 Jan 2018

Introducing Fuel for Amazon

Introducing Fuel for Amazon Fuel for Amazon is a new service which enables brand owners to optimise their performance with the world’s fastest growing retailer to maximise commercial results. Amazon is radically transforming Retail and brands can no longer sit and watch from the sidelines. Having a compelling presence on Amazon is a strategic imperative. 72% of consumers use Amazon to find products before purchasing, 51% say that even if they find something on another site they still check on […]

09 Jan 2018

Fuel has appointed an in-house dietitian and sports nutritionist

Fuel appoints in-house dietitian and sports nutritionist Fuel has appointed Imogen Wolsey as our in-house dietitian and sports nutritionist. Armed with a BSc in Dietetics and Nutrition and an MSc in Applied Sports Nutrition, Imogen will focus on providing Fuel clients with expert counsel and insights regarding best practice, evidence based nutritional messages and communications. Imogen is available to assist with dietetic reviews and analysis, regulatory and compliance issues, practical information and materials development, new product overviews and communication, monitoring of […]