Anaheim 2018 Natural Products Expo Follow-up – Her Spirit Is Strong.

Anaheim 2018 Natural Products Expo Follow-up – Her Spirit Is Strong

You may have read my thoughts on what would be trending at the 2018 Natural Products Expo West – inclusive of cannabinoids, innovative proteins, veganism, organics and lifestyle nutrition. Having just got back from the show, which attracted 80,000 professionals and over 3,000 leading industry brands, the strength of these niches was certainly evident. However, as ever, the Expo helped to refine precisely ‘What’s hot and what’s not’. One of the most striking aspects of the show was the focus on female health, beauty and wellness. Indeed, collagen protein, natural vaginal health and vitamin teas all boldly declared their presence with some excellent products, along with legitimate projections for having huge consumer potential for brands who understand what modern women want. Along with them, CBD showed tentative signs as being a niche waiting for the green light – but with that comes real potential for product development before the expected boom. Innovative protein products were also out in force, with the emergence of the Lentein as healthy new players in the industry. The 2018 Natural Products Expo West was the largest in the show’s history – and that’s predicted to be mirrored by continued consumer spend during 2018, as demand for natural products grows.

What was hot at Anaheim 2018:

Collagen protein

Natural vaginal health

Vitamin tea and coffee

CBD products

Innovative proteins

Collagen protein – Her Spirit is Strong 

Collagen protein products featured strongly at The 2018 Natural Products Expo West, marketed predominantly at women as a beauty protein – with claimed benefits including healthy skin, hair and nails, joint support, gut health, detoxification and body toning. In the UK, brands such as Scitec Nutrition have successfully marketed collagen protein powders, while collagen-infused RTD products have already penetrated supermarket shelves. The global collagen market is projected to reach $6.63 billion (USD) by 2025, according to a recent report from Grand View Research, Inc – with a healthy growth rate of 6.6%. The potential is demonstrated by Ancient Nutrition, an exhibitor at Anaheim, whose range includes collagen protein and a collagen-rich bone broth protein supplement. The company has reportedly gained a $103 million minority investment from private equity firm VMG partners. While the spirit of collagen has a feminine slant – it’s also relevant to men, particularly those following paleo-type diets, or interested in anti-ageing.

Healthy Honey Pots – The Rights for Vaginal Health is a Huge Market

Anyone visiting Anaheim looking for a big idea, won’t have missed the chance to pick-up some samples of Healthy Honey Pots’ all-natural, sustainable tampons – which debuted at this year’s Expo and are seeking crowdfunding prior to going mainstream. The Feminine Hygiene Products Market is predicted to be worth an impressive $42.7 billion (USD) by 2022. The Honey Pot Company already successfully sell a range of products that includes vaginal washes and wipes – in addition to their plan to launch innovative and safe natural tampons, which are free from chlorine, pesticides, dioxins, fragrance, rayon, synthetic fibres, dyes and other toxic chemicals. The all-natural, non-GMO tampons are manufactured exclusively from one plant-based ingredient – organic cotton. Marketers will want to pay close attention to the company’s ethos regarding vaginal health, human rights and non-toxic person care.

Vitamin Tea and Coffee – Convenience & Functionality

Some of the most innovative products at Anaheim were vitamin-infused tea and coffees – which while strong in the female consumer niche, also have unisex appeal. One product on show, VitaCup, was serving-up samples of its tea and coffee pods which are infused with nutrients to provide consumers with a new level of wellness functionality. For example, the brand’s Genius blend combines coffee with MCT oils, cinnamon, turmeric, anti-oxidants and vitamins – designed to give body and brain a healthy and productive start to the day. Another interesting aspect of the brand, is the fact it was created by two internet marketing executives, Brandon Fishman and Roman Bills, and is correspondingly doing business predominantly online, with a very successful direct-to-consumer strategy. Another tea blend, NatureWise Ashwagandha Herbal Blends, won the NEXTY award for Best Condition Specific Supplement, thanks to the ashwagandha ingredient KSM-66, which has over twelve published studies showing that 600 mg/day can help with stress, endurance, body weight management, memory and cognitive function. The blend also contains ingredients designed to promote energy, brain health, libido and healthy ageing. And the company has impressive transparency, with downloadable lab reports and ingredient information. The Expo’s range of functional teas and coffee, highlights the demand for convenience and functionality from daily beverages.

Innovative Proteins – Award Winning Lentein

As expected, innovative protein products were out in force at the Expo – particularly the emergence of new plant proteins which continue to gain traction. The NEXTY ward for Best New Supplement, went to Clean Machine Clean Green Protein with Lentein. The aquatic nutrient is claimed to be richer in amino acids that pea, soy, rice and other top plant proteins. Legitimately comparable to whey for protein quality and more nutritious than kale, spinach and spirulina, lentein is sustainable plant protein for marketers to take seriously.

CBD – The Market Gathers Pace

CBD was expected to have a strong presence at The 2018 Natural Products Expo West, following a year of start-ups creating products that met the consumer demand for legal, cannabis-derived products. While its presence was arguably less than predicted, there was enough evidence to suggest that CBD is at the embryonic stage and ripe for product development and market penetration. One brand on display was Tree Below Zero – offering canned ‘anti-energy’ drinks infused with 25mg or 100mg of CBD (with less than 0.3% THC content). Available in Sweet Lime, Cranberry Ginger, Blueberry Raspberry Pomegranate and Mandarine Blood Orange flavours — the drinks are claimed to promote sleep, intimacy, creativity, relaxation and consciousness. It remains early days for the CBD market, but if the benefits of such products are proven to be legitimate, then the future looks potentially very lucrative.


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