999fitnessresponse: Introducing a Breakthrough Fitness Concept

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Introducing a Breakthrough Fitness Concept

During 2017, Fuel PR will pilot and launch 999fitnessresponse, an important new concept which has been created to spearhead the transformation of fitness and health among the UK’s Emergency Services.  This pioneering, breakthrough initiative is a clear and direct response to the Department of Health’s recent call to action for the Fitness Industry to step up to the plate, to educate and motive the UK’s population to reach best practice fitness levels.  999fitnessresponse is designed to appeal and add value to companies where fitness and health is at the core of their expertise and business objectives, and will be tailored for Primary Response-driven service organisations to offer expertise and advice for employees and contractors.

For more information, please contact Alex Douch or Gillian Waddell on +44 207 498 8211 or email Alex @fuelrefuel.com or gillian@fuelrefuel.com

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