Fuel Agenda Monitoring

Fuel Agenda Monitoring

Fuel PR provides a top-line, free of charge, weekly agenda monitoring service across health, beauty and wellness; primarily focused on the UK market. A sample of this week’s edition is below; if you would like to be added to the distribution list, please contact Gillian@fuelrefuel.com.

26 March 2018

Protein Water Co Goes Mainstream With Ocado Listing

Protein Water Co, the British brand behind the UK’s first natural protein-infused waters, has secured the first nationwide supermarket listing

26-Mar-2018 Nam News

Is It Time to Give Up on Fish Oil?

A number of extensive analyses have been conducted, some supporting and others refuting the value of fish oils to the cardiovascular system, along with studies of other purported health benefits that also have had mixed results.

26-Mar-2018 New York Times

7 things people really believe about natural beauty brands

Cosmetics Business has exclusively partnered with Your Beauty Club to uncover consumer behaviour and attitudes to organic and natural beauty products

23-Mar-2018 Cosmetic Business

How cosmetics regulation is boosting the non-animal testing sector

Exploring how innovation is coming about through legislation, here Dr Carol Treasure talks exclusively to Cosmetics Business about the shift in how companies are testing their products

23-Mar-2018 Cosmetic Business

5 Plant Proteins on the Rise in Your Grocery Aisle

Vegan and vegetarian diets are more popular now than ever! More and more people are now on the lookout for high-quality plant-based foods. Brands and grocery stores are doing their best to cater to this increased demand.

23-Mar-2018 Food & Drink Innovation Network

Natural drinks: a long-term opportunity

The impending sugar tax in April provides natural beverage companies with the ideal opportunity to grow market share

23-Mar-2018 The Grocer

“Carb Blocker Capsules”: Protein World’s marketing breaches EU code, UK agency rules

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that the marketing of “Carb Blocker Capsules” from Protein World breaches EU regulation health codes.

23-Mar-2018 Nutrition Insight

Botanical extracts exhibit ‘low-moderate effect’ in measurements of fitness

The use of botanical extracts by athletes is now a popular alternative to synthetic drugs, as a review finds extracts used have a low-moderate effect on fatigue resistance and endurance capacity.

22-Mar-2018 NutraIngredients.com

Krill oil pioneer helping to push ‘new’ fatty acid—omega 7

One of the pioneers of krill oil as a dietary ingredient is helping to push a ‘new’ fatty acid—omega 7—attracted she says by the strong and developing science behind the ingredient.

22-Mar-2018 NutraIngredients.com

Sunshine vitamin: Kellogg’s ups vitamin D in cereals to 50 percent of daily need

Kellogg’s has doubled the amount of vitamin D in many of its cereals to help tackle the chronic low levels of this essential vitamin in UK diets.

22-Mar-2018 Nutrition Insight

Cargill launches de-oiled rapeseed lecithin as consumers demand clean and non-GMO ingredients

Cargill has introduced a new range of de-oiled lecithin products to complete its portfolio of GMO and non-GMO lecithin products, in response to the growing demand from consumers for label-friendly ingredients.

21-Mar-2018 Food Ingredients 1st

Brexit transition deal: food industry reacts

Today’s agreement for the UK to fully withdraw from the EU after a 21-month transition period has been met with a mixed reaction by the food industry.

21-Mar-2018 Food Manufacture

How can retailers know if plant protein powders are safe from heavy metals?

Plants naturally uptake soil components from nutrients to heavy metals. How can you be sure the protein you’re stocking is clean as can be?

21-Mar-2018 New Hope Network

Regular foods go super with functional ingredients

Functional ingredients allow sleepy bars, shakes, snacks and dietary staples to turn into super foods. And judging from market growth, people are into it.

21-Mar-2018 New Hope Network


Meadow & Marrow has extended its bone broth concentrates with four functional blends that target gut health, weight loss, cleansing and muscle recovery as it prepares to push into the US exclusively through e-commerce giant Amazon.

20-Mar-2018 Natural Products Insider

“Scary” results: Common drugs affect gut health, potentially increasing antibiotic resistance

One in four drugs may inhibit the growth of bacteria in the human gut and promote antibiotic resistance, finds a study published in Nature.

20-Mar-2018 Nutrition Insight