Amazon Digital Marketing Strategy

Amazon Digital Marketing Strategy

Amazon Marketing Services is an advertising program designed to drive customers and sales for your products at Amazon.co.uk. With an effective Amazon digital marketing strategy designed by Fuel PR, we can help you to start growing your business today with Amazon Marketing Services.

With somewhere in the region of two million sellers worldwide currently making money through selling their products on Amazon, do you want to miss out?

What Are Amazon Marketing Services?

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) have been created to provide vendors with the opportunity to target customers through PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising options.

Working in a very similar way to Google Adwords, an effective Amazon digital marketing strategy can help to ensure that you are ideally positioned to tap into Amazon’s immense potential.

As a marketing agency with extensive experience in all aspects of PPC advertising, we will work closely with you to provide an individually tailored solution for your requirements.

Tried & Testing Process

As Amazon continues to develop and succeed, brands need to have a specific strategy dedicated to this highly important retail channel.

At Fuel for Amazon we use a tried and tested process to help our clients share in the Amazon success story. It is based around an acute focus on four key components.

  1. Account Optimisation
  2. Content Enhancement
  3. Marketing Strategy
  4. Account Management

Highly Targeted Advertising

We can execute and manage an Amazon marketing strategy, using all the highly effective advertising tools that Amazon provides.

Once you’ve built your optimised presence on Amazon, it’s time to help even more buyers find you. Re-using the rich keywords embedded into your optimised product pages will jump-start advertising campaigns using the tools provided by Amazon Marketing Services (AMS).

Highly targeted ad campaigns will result in increased sales, contributing to a key factor in Amazon’s page ranking algorithm – sales velocity. The faster your products sell, the further they’ll climb up the page rankings. Higher page rankings then result in more sales. A virtuous circle that we’ll help you to create.

For more information about our Amazon marketing services, please visit the dedicated area of our website by clicking here.

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