Amazon Online Marketing Strategy

Amazon Online Marketing Strategy

Welcome to Fuel PR. If you would like to ensure that your products are shown to Amazon shoppers at the right time, an effective Amazon online marketing strategy is essential.

Our team are ideally positioned to utilise their extensive experience with Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) to ensure that the right products are shown to shoppers at the perfect time.

Similar to Google Adwords, we will structure your campaigns to ensure they appear in search results for the most beneficial terms to maximise the potential for ROI.

A Valuable Opportunity

Utilising Amazon Marketing Services offers an extremely valuable opportunity for anyone looking to increase the reach of their products.

Whether you are looking to target new customers, enhance visibility or ultimately just make more sales, the stats below show the importance of tapping into the AMS.

  • 72% of consumers use Amazon to find a product before making a purchase
  • 26% will check alternatives, background information and prices on Amazon if they come up on a potential purchase in a store
  • 51% say even if they find something that seems right on another site, they will usually look on Amazon to find other options
  • 22% won’t look anywhere else if they see a product that looks suitable on Amazon

However, as with many PPC options, AMS can be a minefield for anyone who does not have the experience and does not have a clear Amazon online marketing strategy outlined from the outset.

Our Solutions

As Amazon continues to develop and succeed, brands need to have a specific strategy dedicated to this highly important retail channel.

At Fuel for Amazon we use a tried and tested process to help our clients share in the Amazon success story.

Optimising The Amazon Experience

It is clear that more products are being purchased through Amazon than almost any other 3rd party website.

To ensure the best possible Amazon experience for your potential customers, it is essential that your Amazon online marketing strategy is individually tailored to your specific requirements and goals.

Through effective audience targeting, a detailed approach to consumer behaviour, custom creative and unique e-commerce solutions, we can ensure that your brand can maximize its potential with Amazon.

We can manage the day-to-day Seller or Vendor Central account and provide you with just the information you need to fulfil customer orders.

For more information about our Amazon marketing services, please visit the dedicated area of our website by clicking here.

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Amazon Online Marketing Strategy