Steve-Bate-e1413886202192-638x496The load that athletes place on their bodies is relentless. BioCare ambassador and Great Britain Paralympic cyclist Steve Bate, is no exception. Steve has only 10 percent field of vision, is visually impaired and registered blind (Retinitis Pigmentosa).

In Autumn 2013 he was accepted onto the GB Paralympic Development Squad, and spent the next 12 months balancing a full-time job with cycle training for 20 hours a week and trying to keep his wife in the mix! During those 12 months, Steve and his sight pilot Adam Duggleby became the British Champions in both the UK Road and Time Trial Championships, won the European Tandem Tour of Holland and came third in the Tandem Tour of Belgium.

BioCare is proud to be part of GB Paralympic cyclist Steve Bate’s inner circle support system, helping him to keep his body on track.

“Since I started taking the BioAcidophilus Forte, One A Day Vitamins and Minerals and the Mega EPA that BioCare recommended to me, the changes weren’t dramatic or instant but after a while I felt able to push my body that bit harder by upping my training load. The main benefit would have to be the lack of illness. I haven’t been ill or felt as trashed as I normally do building up to races where everything in your body is pushed to the limit to perform.”

BioCare products are batch tested through Informed Sport, working closely with the World Anti Doping Association to keep sport ‘clean’ and on a level playing field.

For further information on BioCare or the partnership please contact Ali@fuelrefuel.com