Gillian Waddell is thrilled to announce that Fuel PR has been appointed to handle the PR for LithoLexal®

Gillian Waddell, MD of Fuel PR is pleased to announce that Fuel has been appointed to handle the PR for LithoLexal®

litholexal Award-winning LithoLexal® offers a new generation of products specifically created to help improve bone and joint health in the UK population. LithoLexal® products challenge traditional calcium alternatives, which are rock-based and hard for the body to absorb easily and effectively. PR

Scientific studies have shown that LithoLexal® can help and support the normal Bone Rebuilding Cycle. Its unique marine plant-based calcium is bioavailable, which means that it is more easily absorbed by the body than rock-based calcium. It is therefore more effective in helping to promote bone formation.

Visit https://www.litholexal.co.uk/ for more information.

For further information contact Alex Douch or Susan Leigh at Alex@fuelrefuel.com / Susan@fuelrefuel.com or call 0208 891 0895.