Fuel PR Asks – Are Natural Beverages Overtaking Fizzy Drinks? | Fuel PR

It seems that consumers are losing the taste for over sugary, chemically-laden soft drinks, preferring to steer a more natural course with their beverages. The health warnings from medical experts, sugar-vilifying research, documentaries, books and blogs, have convinced consumers that excessive sugar intake, especially from fizzy drinks and other corn syrup-sweetened beverages, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and other chronic conditions. Consumers are looking for natural alternatives and prefer brands to use natural sugars such as Stevia and raw local honey over aspartame. This development is reflected by new products that have entered the European market in recent years. Last year one in four (24%) energy drinks launched in Europe claimed to be ‘natural,’ compared to only one in five (17%) in 2012.¹


Coca-Cola isn’t taking any chances and has snapped up better-for-you natural brands such as Zico, Odwalla, Honest Tea and, in late August, Suja Life.

1) http://www.mintel.com/press-centre/food-and-drink/half-of-europeans-want-to-see-more-naturallyflavoured-energy-drinks


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