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Gone are the dated ideas that shopping remains a woman’s domain.A recent report by Daymon Worldwide found that over 50% of US grocery shoppers are now men.¹ This could be down to changing work roles – more often than not, both parties will be working full time and looking to divide household chores between them. That doesn’t mean however that time in the supermarket will be spent equally. Women are apparently more likely to browse and compare prices whilst men just want to ‘get in and get out’ as fast as possible. That said, women are more likely to impulse purchase for items under £25 with men more likely to impulse purchase items worth up to £1000, according to a recent survey.² The survey also noted that alcohol intoxication fuelled impulse purchasing in men. About three times as many men as women said they made an impulse purchase while ‘intoxicated’. The impulse trigger for women appeared to be low mood and sadness.³ A sobering thought for anyone popping out to buy eggs and a loaf of bread.

Do men & women shop differently

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