Fuel PR Highlight the Need for Marketers to Work with Influencers Ahead of FIBO & BodyPower 2018

Fuel PR Highlight the Need for Marketers to Work with Influencers Ahead of FIBO & BodyPower 2018

During the past year, Fuel PR has focused on working with influencers in the fitness, nutrition and lifestyle industries – something that’s becoming increasingly vital for brand success. Indeed,
the need for brands to ensure their marketing efforts are influencer-optimised across all channels, will be evident at two of 2018’s key fitness and nutrition industry shows, FIBO and BodyPower, in addition to the lastest consumer research which suggests that 70% of millennials are influenced by the recommendations of their peers when clicking to buy. And it’s no surprise, given the fact that social media, the power centre of influence, is centric to the lives of those aged 25 or less. Since this market is also key for the fitness and nutrition industry, the ‘influence of influence’ can be expected to be seen in full force at FIBO and BodyPower in April and May. Depending on a brand’s budget, there are different options available for developing influencer strategies in the fitness and nutrition industry. Indeed, while influencers such as Rachel Brathen (‘Yoga Girl’) can cost as much as $25,000 per Instagram post, at Fuel PR we actively seek to grow brands by using more authentic influencers, which people can find very trustworthy when looking to make a buying decision. In fact, research suggests that 30% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase via a non-celebrity blogger who they feel is authentic and truly ‘gets them’. With that statistic in-mind, FIBO and BodyPower are excellent opportunities for brands to scout for organic talent, who have the potential to become influencers across all online channels.

FIBO & BodyPower 2018 Will be Largest Ever as Influence Takes Control

FIBO, situated in Cologne, is already considered to be the world’s largest trade show for fitness, nutrition and wellness, and this year’s event (12-15 April 2018) will be the most impressive to date, congruently matching the growth of the industry. The show will feature all the emerging trends, inclusive of training devices, home gym gadgets, innovative exercise and workouts, nutritional supplements, trendy fitness fashion and new Apps and technology. Similarly, BodyPower, being held at Birmingham’s NEC between April 11 and 13, is expected to receive over 100,000 visitors interested in fitness, bodybuilding, nutrition, supplements and health. The presence of influencers at both shows will be strong, with the millennial-fuelled industry aligning with the power of social media – and increasingly understanding it for the purpose of building successful online businesses.

Some of the FIBO stars and influencers for 2018

Tammy Hembrow
Linn Lowes
Pamela Reif
Michelle Lewin
Dennis Wolf
Flying Uwe
Ulisses Jr

UK brands with a strong history at FIBO and BodyPower, such as Scitec Nutrition, have harnessed the power of social influence, by using authentic ambassadors that harmonise with their specific market (in the case of Scitec – that means hardcore gym users). Their influencers include IUKBFF bodybuilder and physique coach, Mark Coles, Cedric McMillan (IFBB Pro), Ryan John Baptiste (IFBB Pro) and fitness model and IFBB competitor Michelle Brannan. However, the impact of influencers is also driving a growth of new trends, such as holistic fitness (e.g. yoga and Pilates), innovative plant-based nutrition and an increasing focus on Apps and fashion – both certain to be evident at FIBBO and BodyPower 2018.

High-end Fitness & Nutrition Influencers – Over 100 Million Followers

At Fuel PR, we’ve grown with the industry and developed our skill in harnessing the power of working with influencers, to forge brand success. We’re now seeing influencers becoming prominent both online, and at offline events such as BodyPower and FIBO 2018, who have both confirmed a list of top influencers and stars attending the show. The global reach of top fitness and nutrition influencers is impressive, something illustrated by Forbes’ analysis of the top ten fitness stars on social media – with a combined total of around 106 million followers, including 39 million on Instagram, 2.5 million on Twitter, 52 million Facebook likes and close to five million Youtube subscribers. Number one on the list, Swedish ‘Yoga girl’ Rachel Brathen, didn’t start-out with the goal of becoming a global influencer, but now commands a fee reported to be in the region of $25,000 per Instagram post. Others on the list include Cassey Ho (Pilates), Kayla Itsines (bikini body), Michelle Lewin (figure training), Simeon Panda (fitness) and Joe Wicks (fitness/nutrition).

Using Influencers Without Huge Marketing Budgets

Depending on a brand’s budget, there are different options for developing effective influencer strategies – and high-end influencers don’t always translate into profitable returns. Notably, research  suggests that 30% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase via a non-celebrity blogger who they feel is ‘real’, versus a ‘commercialised’ celebrity blogger. This is something Fuel PR looks to maximise – because a brand’s perfect influencer could be a famous face, or someone with an earthy, organic, ‘real’ marketability. With this in-mind, FIBO and BodyPower offer an excellent opportunity for companies to look out for organic and great-value talent, who have the potential to become powerful brand assets via sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Amazon and Instagram. For example, hugely influential fitness celebrity, Simeon Panda, a Brit with eight million followers, wasn’t always that way – he started out as a nothing and developed himself as a fitness entrepreneur. He famously posted a video of himself performing a one-arm dumbbell row with 231lbs, which went viral with over 600 thousands views. The influencer is a BodyPower regular – but the next Panda could be staring brands in the face during the event – it’s just a case of networking with highly marketable individuals, or using experts like Fuel to find the right person to influence consumers.

Developing Holistic Brand Influence

While many people hear the phrase ‘influencers’ and instinctively relate it to the likes of ‘Yoga Girl’ Rachel Brathen, the concept of influence goes way beyond ‘insta-famous’ faces. Indeed, the influence around a brand has much more of a holistic halo, made-up by anyone or anything that impacts a company’s success. Classic examples are the influence of regular blog reviewers, comments about products on sites such as Amazon and whether a brand’s content and tone of voice has an effective influence on buying behaviour. This is where we excel at Fuel PR – creating bespoke influence based on a brand’s unique DNA.

If you’re visiting FIBO and BodyPower in 2018, the ‘influence of influence’ will be everywhere.

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