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The Growth in Consumer Demand For Natural

Shona Wilkinson, Head Nutritionist at NutriCentre, the UK’s leading specialist retailer, explains.

Here at NutriCentre we speak to hundreds of customers every day. I love the
fact that they are becoming more demanding about what they want from
us. There has been a clear shift in the type of supplements they want. Gone
are the days of just taking a synthetic tablet and enter the days of more
natural and pure powders. It may be now that nearly everyone in the world
seems to have a NutriBullet, the interest in supplements to add to their
smoothies has increased.

We have experienced an increase in powders such as wheatgrass, maca, spirulina and chlorella as well as quality protein products. Our practitioners also love this trend as they prefer to recommend the more natural products. As a nutritionist I am delighted to see this move towards natural and quality as I can see the advantages in purity and absorption. I can see this trend increasing. Will this mean the end of capsules and tablets? I doubt it but it will be really interesting to see how this trend develops.


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