Fuel PR Looks At Rise of the Tri | Fuel PR

You’ve trained months for this and now it’s here; three stages stand in the way of achieving your end goal and the nerves begin to kick in before you finally take the plunge.

That feeling is one of the many reasons triathlons are becoming more and more popular, which is seeing thousands of new participants signing up to the three-stage race and women in particular.


More women participating

The Active People Survey found that there had been a 35 per cent rise in people taking part in triathlons in 2015, with the number predicted to rise even further this year.

The actual figures are impressive, with the number of people taking part in monthly races rising from 9,700 to 13,400.

The ‘This Girl Can’ campaign has been attributed to being part of the boom in female competitors, where they boast that 148,700 more women play sport or keep active at least once a week.

Fuel PR’s Managing Director, Gillian Waddell, who completed the Blenheim Triathlon over the weekend, gives her views on why people sign up and why it’s becoming more popular with women.

”Triathlons are all about pushing yourself with three very different physical challenges and finding the mental strength and endurance to complete each phase.

They are very challenging but that’s part of the fun, and I think many women like me find the focus that Tris require are inspiring and uplifting. It’s all about you and what you can do, and it’s thrillingly different perhaps from office or family life“.

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