Fuel PR Reports Back: Top Highlights from Natural Expo 2017


Recently Fuel PR had the pleasure of attending the 37th annual Natural Products West – the world’s largest natural, organic and healthy products convention held in Anaheim, California USA. The show, produced by New Hope Network, brought together industry pioneers, 3,100 exhibiting companies including 500 first-time exhibitors, and more than 80,000 attendees.

Gillian Waddell, Managing Director of Fuel PR, reports back on emerging trends:


1. Brands with purpose

Did you know that the average consumer will pay more for food products produced by mission-driven companies? As consumers are faced with seemingly infinite choices, sustainability is a shopping priority, and this sees 70% of consumers buying products from small companies which demonstrate positive social and environmental impacts[i].

One brand leading the way is Kombucha Dog, the fermented tea range using shelf space to help homeless dogs find families by photographing them for labels[ii].

kambucha dog

Photograph Courtesy of Kombucha Dog (http://www.kombuchadog.com/)

Another concern was food waste. Conscious customers call for social responsibility, meaning that brands need to be more transparent in their approach to food injustice. A great inspiration of this is New York based brand CocoBurg which is offering raw, vegan, paleo, gluten-free and soya-free jerky made from ribbons of coconut meat.


Photograph Courtesy of Cocoburg (https://coconutjerky.net/)


2. Shorter Ingredients List

With many people concerned about food additives, much shorter ingredients lists are now found in almost every product category, including beauty and cleaning supplies.


3. Clean Beauty with a Focus on Ingenious Ways of Fitting Vegetables into Daily Diet and Collagen

Failing to reach five-a-day veggie goal or even ten? A crop of new products what make incorporating vegetables into your daily diet easier was a topic during this year’s event. Organic drinkable veggies presented by Bonafide Provisions are made from organic, farm-fresh vegetables with handcrafted, organic bone broth. Moreover, bone broth is a rich source of collagen that has a power to transform your health and maintain youthful looking skin.


Photograph Courtesy of Bonafide Provisions (https://bonafideprovisions.com/)


4. New Ways to Use Coconut

Coconut oil is classified as a “superfood” for a reason. Its benefits include weight loss, better brain function, skin health any many more, therefore many brands are actually seeking new ways to utilise this super ingredient. New natural and better-for-you products spotted at NPEW included coconut mayo from Chosen Foods and the real coconut tortilla chips from The Real Coconut.

coconut chips the real coconut fuel pr

Photograph Courtesy of The Real Coconut (https://www.therealcoconut.com)


5. Brain power!

Numerous products featured at NPEW promoted brain health benefits, such as enhanced cognitive function and improved mental clarity and focus. Our top choices include BrainGear, the brain performance formula drink and Brain Toniq – super blend of Ayurvedic Botanicals crafted by True Toniqs.

fuel pr natural products expo true toniqs

Photograph Courtesy of True Toniqs (http://www.truetoniqs.com/)


During the NPEW event, New Hope have unrevealed the winners of NEXTY Awards which recognize inspiration, innovation and integrity. The award-winning 2017 brands can be found through the link below:



For more information, please contact Gillian Waddell (Gillian@fuelrefuel.com) at Fuel PR.



[i] https://aytm.com/blog/daily-survey-results/sustainable-brands-survey/


[ii] http://www.kombuchadog.com/about/