Scitec Nutrition appoints Fuel PR to handle PR communications

Gillian Waddell is delighted to announce that Fuel PR has been appointed to handle the PR & Communications for Scitec Nutrition.

SCITEC_NUTRITION_LOGO_two_linesScitec is a leading sport nutrition company in Europe and offers its products in 90 countries worldwide.  Products range from proteins through amino acids and weight-control formulas to vitamins and minerals and much more. Scitec’s products help support and complete the daily nutrition of athletes or anybody, who partakes in sports on a regular basis. Fuel PR

Scitec Nutrition is the official sports nutrition supplier of the Hungarian Olympic Team and has been awarded the EU Brand of the Year 2017 on bodybuilding.com.

Follow Team Scitec and this year’s Mr and Bikini Olympia competitions on Facebook and Instagram or visit https://uk.scitecnutrition.com/

For more information please contact Alex Douch (Alex@fuelrefuel.com) or Evan Klajnscek (Evan@fuelrefuel.com) at Fuel PR.