As a member of staff at Fuel PR seriously considers investing in a couple of feathered friends for her garden, the rest of us are watching curiously…


Cats, dogs, bunnies and budgies are the usual type of pet, but one other type is now growing in popularity – the hen. In the past few years, the number of urban, suburban and country dwellers keeping chickens in the garden has grown. Hen-keeping courses fill up weeks in advance, and sales of poultry books and magazines are up.

As we are growing more of our own veg in our gardens as well, is all this an indication of the urge to return to the ‘good life’ or the pleasure of eating a fresh, home produced, organic, free range egg for breakfast?chicken-among-narcisses Who knows?!

One fascinating fact amongst a whole host of anecdotes on endless websites about all this, which we are all hearing about daily, is that if you put marigold petals in your chicken feed, as one does, the deep yellow colouring in them makes your egg yolks a beautiful colour, just like summer sunshine. So there you go, all totally natural and harmless and not only will your hens love it, so will you as you dip your soldier in your very own, home laid boiled egg!