FUEL UP YOUR RUNNING – Hints and Tips from Fuel PR

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, how fit or unfit you are or where you live or work, everyone can improve their fitness levels and change their body shape by running.  So are you taking advantage of the longer summer evenings to get out in the fresh air for a while and blow away the cobwebs and bum ache from sitting at your desk all day?


The Fuel Sports Team are full of great suggestions on what to eat and wear to look after yourself, and they know the best training regimes to keep themselves top of their game.

Here are some top tips from them:

  • Keep a diary. Note down each run, including your route, distance and time. There are lots of apps to download to your phone that can help with this.
  • Run with a friend. You will encourage each other when you are not so keen to run!
  • Set yourself a goal. Whatever your level, setting goals is important for staying focussed and motivated….and of course it’s a reason to celebrate when you reach your target!
  • Join a Club if you are serious. A running club is the perfect way to keep yourself running regularly
  • Look after your feet! Did you know we have about 250,000 sweat glands and feet excrete half a pint of moisture daily? * …..and it’s important you wear the correct socks as well as shoes or trainers.

Buying the right socks is frequently overlooked when fitting yourself out with some new sports gear.  Often your feet get sore because your socks are too hletic Low White 1tight or too thin, your feet get sweaty, and bad circulation can cause discomfort and leave you in pain.  Having some specialist socks is as key as the right footwear.  Incredisocks have been shown to increase circulation which improves blood flow and therefore more oxygen to the tissues of the feet. This will help reduce inflammation and the thermo-regulating features provide the required increase/decrease in temperature in as little as 5 minutes. The unique 3-D weave design provides incredible cushioning and keeps feet absolutely dry.  These amazing socks are made from bamboo charcoal which helps foot fatigue by releasing negative ions into the body ensuring your feet never tire! Shouldn’t you have a pair?

www.incrediweardirect.co.uk  Prices start from £11.50  or to order call Vital-Life  on 0207.720.1441 or email sales@vital-life.org.uk

*Info from http://www.profoot.co.uk/footfacts.htm