Gillian Waddell Announces ANGEL EQT New Partnership with BRITANNIA’S GOLD | Fuel PR

Angel EQT, a unique new online community funding platform, has announced its inaugural partnership investment venture with Britannia’s Gold Ltd, which is on an important quest to recover an estimated £4.5bn of Britain’s gold and precious metals, lost at sea during World Wars I and II.


Britannia’s Gold will work with Angel EQT investors to finance the bespoke survey and salvage operations required to recover identified shipwreck cargoes and return them to the UK, for the combined benefit of HM Government, investors and merchant marine charities.  Raising £15m from equity share capital will enable Britannia’s Gold to kick-start the salvage programme, which will focus on 20 shipments in the North Atlantic. Britannia’s Gold in-house assets include marine recovery specialists IDM Exploration Management as well as four dedicated research teams in UK, USA and Canada, with access to over 8 million digitised documents pertinent to the search.

Britannia’s Gold personnel have spent decades working on and managing major subsea engineering projects on a global scale, including for the UK Ministry of Defence and private businesses for the recovery of downed military and commercial aircraft as well as several international shipwreck and submarine salvage projects.

Angel EQT was created to reach a wider public investment community funding audience, offering the opportunity for individuals to hear about emerging, dynamic new businesses and projects, of which they would otherwise be unaware.

Angel Group CEO Dominic Berger says: “We are delighted to welcome Britannia’s Gold as our first Angel EQT equity exchange investment partner.  This initiative offers a unique and unprecedented chance for individual investors to get involved at the earliest stage in a significant project which could result in a very positive ROI for them as well as being of substantial national importance for Britain.”

Visit www.angeleqt.com for more information.

For further information please contact Gillian Waddell (Gillian@fuelrefuel.com) at Fuel PR.