Gillian Waddell asks What is your brand’s strategy for Amazon?


Gillian Waddell asks ‘What is your brand’s strategy for Amazon?’


We’ve all been there. Typed in those six letters, appropriate dot something and then off we go. Navigating our way through retail nirvana searching and shopping for presents, for treats, for must-haves and the can’t-live-without and the can’t-find-anywhere-else and the simply-must-have-it-next-day.

If that is how you feel about shopping with the world’s largest global retailer – one of a top 10 of global URLs visited daily –  then imagine what others feel about your brand when they shop on Amazon.

Found? Impressed? Fulfilled? Bought? Sold? Sent? Received? Loved? Loathed? Repeat purchase?

Because having an Amazon strategy is important. Getting your strategy right and staying on top of you’re A game matters.

And Fuel For Amazon (www.fuelforamazon.com) is here to help you and your brand do just that.

Have a look at our infographic below on why an having an Amazon strategy is important. 


Fuel For Amazon (www.fuelforamazon.com) we are here to help you and your brand do just that.

We have a 10 part series on the Fuel for Amazon website on everything you need to know to understand your position with the world’s largest retailer and how we can help click here to visit Fuel For Amazon.  

To find out more about our Fuel For Amazon services please contact Gillian Waddell on gillian@fuelrefuel.com or call 020 7498 8211