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Life Changing Fitness head of nutrition, Hannah Sweetman, spoke to Fuel PR International to give us her tips on achieving your body goals and how they work with their clients during their fitness transformation.

“A long-term nutrition client brings many different goals and hurdles in the path to their own personal ‘ultimate body composition’. We must remember this is different for everyone and is a personal goal, one that may change over an individual’s journey.

“When starting the journey towards ‘the ultimate body composition’ the beginning is all about getting the small things right such as adherence to the nutrition plan and training objectives.

“Next, we must place the client into the correct energy balance for their goals. This allows them to achieve their goals with sustainability, adherence, and enjoyment.

“Next, we need to find the clients macronutrient and micronutrient requirements to support their body type.  Some clients operate better off higher fats and others off higher carbohydrate ratios, therefore, we must establish what is optimal for the individual.


“Following on, we get a little more serious with timing nutrients around training, sleep and other aspects of life in order to achieve what’s best for the client. Finally, we recommend a few supplements that are scientifically proven to benefit the client.

“As a client, we make sure you master the first step before you move up to the next step and so on. We teach everyone that no food is a bad food and educate the mind to accept all foods for what they are.

“Therefore resolving any feelings of guilt or post eating anger and personal disappointment. These thoughts will spiral around and around in your head and can leave a person down or depressed.

“Can you eat cake within your diet? Yes of course. Let us break that cake down…

“The cake comes with lots of calories for not much food volume, its high fat, high carbohydrate food usually containing low levels of fibre and high levels of sugar.

“This gives the cake a high Glycemic Index that means it moves into the blood stream fast. So if we are to make it work with our energy balance (calories in vs. out) it can become tricky. It can be done however it may leave you feeling a lack of satiation, therefore, wanting more.

“We must also look at what affect hyper-palatable foods (foods that are pleasing to the sense of taste) have on our behaviors and psychology. “Identification and acknowledgement of “higher risk” foods within our diets create awareness to our reactions during and after eating.

“It’s here we need to look deeper into our dietary choices. For example, one large multigrain wrap contains around 185 kcal however 210g of sweet potato have approximately the same caloric value.

“If I was particularly hungry the wrap would leave me feeling hungry after eating it and I would feel like I needed a second wrap to fill myself up.

“While the sweet potato, which on the plate looks larger, therefore, takes longer to eat and with a higher fiber content, which takes longer to digest, would leave me feeling full.  This would help me comply with my macros and ensure I adhere to energy requirements.

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Pictured: Hannah Sweetman

“The end point here is accepting and acknowledging what step of the pyramid you are at during this time in your journey. Just because you found adherence easy to conquer at the beginning doesn’t mean it won’t be a step you need to head back to in order to conquer it again.

“Think about your food choices are these correct for you? Are you someone that struggles with the macros you are on because it seems like not enough food? If so can you make food swaps to allow you to feel more satisfied?

Hannah Sweetman is head of nutrition at Life Changing Fitness- a nutrition company with a 100% success rate in achieving client objectives. Over the years, they have tailored fitness and nutritional plans to individuals, and seen lives changed over and over again. To get in touch please visit: http://lifechanging.fitness/

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