How fit is ‘fit’? | Fuel PR

Fitness is changing, like everything else; it’s now not all about who can run, swim or cycle the furthest or who has the best endurance.

The focus nowadays seems to about who can lift the most or who has the biggest arms but that begs the question… how fit are you?

Yes, some people may be the most muscular or incredibly defined but it certainly doesn’t automatically make you ‘fit’.

Trouble is, there’s no definitive method for determining fitness across the board.

The Police Fitness Test is certainly a way to give yourself an idea of your level and could be something to work towards if at first you fail to meet the requirements.


It starts with The ‘Bleep Test,’ which is a tough one (I’ve done it numerous times and hated every second) but is certainly a good indicator of where you are at.

It involves running back and forth along a 15 metre track to a series of audible beeps.

The beeps, during the course of the test get progressively faster, testing your cardiovascular levels.

You will need to have reached each side of the track before the next beep sounds. This is very similar to the bleep test some of you may be familiar with.

To pass, you need to run to level 5.4 (approximately 3 1/2 minute) but reaching double figures is certainly doable.


Next up, you’ll need to pass the ‘Dynamic Strength’ test, which relates to the apprehension of suspects.

The exercise involves performing five seated chest presses and five seated back pulls on a piece of equipment called a “dyno”.

The average force of the pushes/pulls will be your recorded score.

Pass (Average over the five attempts)

Pull – 35kg

Push – 34kg

Complete this successfully and you’re at a good level but there is certainly room for improvement.

Maybe the next goal could be an endurance race like a triathlon? Or if you’re feeling brave enough… take on a marathon. Now that is a real test.

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