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Fabulift Cleanse Sonic Facial Cleansing Device uses vibration and silicone bristles to provide a more effective cleanse; quickly and easily removing surface grime, make-up and dead skin cells, to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. The Fabulift Cleanse Sonic Facial Cleansing Device is designed with 2 cleansing modes, Daily (3 mins) and Deep Cleanse (5 mins), and 12 sonic vibration levels so you can tailor to your needs. It comes with Supercharged Serum Gel 200ml- indulge your skin with this gentle cleansing serum gel. Enriched with natural skin conditioners, potent antioxidants and moisturisers; this smooth gel works to cleanse, soothe and refresh your neck and face area, leaving your skin hydrated, radiant and beautifully soft.



Exclusive to Ideal Word.

Vibration technology has been around for many years and its benefits are well known. With the new Vibrapower Cordless Belt you are able to sport target and directly feel the benefits of vibration training on the specific areas that you would like to work on. The Vibrapower Belt is a high performance device that utilizes palpitating movements in order to tone different parts of the body and some people find it may also help reduce stress levels and enhance general well-being. It is designed to tone different sections of your body, you can use it in a variety of areas such as: stomach, back, arms, legs and buttocks.

Vibra Powerbelt

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