Influencer Marketing: Fuel PR tips for upcoming bloggers

Influencer-Marketing - Fuel-PR

Influencer Marketing:  Fuel PR tips for upcoming bloggers

Influencer-Marketing - Fuel-PR

PR’s and brands have influencer marketing strategies that include connecting bloggers and brands to promote on social media. In this instance, a PR person’s role is to find influencers with existing communities of engaged followers to work closely with their clients. These influencers are established brand advocates in their niche with a large social media following who trust in their knowledge and opinions of the brands they collaborate with. 

As a public relations agency that works closely with influencers and bloggers, Fuel PR has seen an increase in upcoming bloggers wanting to “be an influencer” and work with big brands. At Fuel PR, we receive hundreds of emails and direct messages via social media from new bloggers seeking tips, advice and how to be a part of our client’s PR list. That is why we have put together a few essential tips for upcoming bloggers from a PR’s perspective.

Establish your niche

What are your interests and passions and how will you put this all into a blog? Furthermore, how will you become an expert in your niche? These are questions bloggers should be asking themselves, as influencers are topic experts in their areas. Their loyal followers trust their experiences whether good or bad with the products or services they are gifted by PR agencies and brands. We suggest bloggers stay up to date with the latest trends, learn and gather extensive knowledge to build credibility in your personal brand. Observe top influencers in your niche whether it be beauty, lifestyle fitness etc.

Investing time

PR’s and brands appreciate well-produced content that demonstrates the blogger has dedicated time and effort into their website content and product images. We look for high quality and interesting imagery helping us to envision what our clients’ products could look like on the blog and social feeds. “Product imagery has to be aesthetically pleasing, ” says Account Executive, Hollie Batchelor. “A bloggers content creation and branding should be consistent. The language should be engaging, personable but informative”

Getting on PR agency Lists

As mentioned, PR’s are bombarded every day by bloggers requesting to be added to PR lists via email and social media. It is great bloggers are approaching PR agencies for product samples to review for their pages but there are a few things to consider first. When emailing blogger media kits to PR agencies, your email should be as personalised as possible. It gives PR executives a good first impression of bloggers, particularly if they already know who their clients are. If so, consider mentioning one of the brands you would like to collaborate with and why your content aligns with their overall image. PR’s look for a good fit between bloggers and brands. If bloggers are contacted by an agency to review a product, they should too consider if this brand reflects their unique personal brand.

Add value to your brand collaboration

According to UK Blogger Survey, it revealed 32% of blogs still receive over seven pitches from PRs a week, but less than 2% result in published content. Bloggers are not expected to write reviews or blogs about products gifted to them by PR’s or brands, however, if you are a new blogger in the industry, we recommend you write one. It takes a while for your blog to pick up and gain momentum in the “blogger sphere” so by starting to blog about gifted products; you create online exposure for your personal brand. Include honest and personal experiences with gifted products as well as brand/product information given in the press release e.g. retail price, where to buy, website etc. This informs your community of followers of evidence-based facts and information of the brands/product.

Create regular content and update social channels in order to build a strong following. Also, remember to tag and mention the brands and PR agencies that gifted you along with the relevant hashtags. Most brands and agencies share blogger mentions and products images on their social media which exposes bloggers to their audience -you may even get new followers too!

Building on relationships with PR agencies and brands

A strong relationship with PR agencies and brands will go a long way. Media kits are useful to understand a bloggers brand and engagement; however, bloggers should also send detailed case studies of a previous collaborations as it gives the PR executive a concrete example of your work.

By considering these tips for your new blog, you’ll have brands and PR agencies reaching out to you for collaborations. Once your brand has grown and become established, you can expect to do sponsored posts and paid work.


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