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Innovation and Opportunity in Sports Nutrition

Gillian Waddell, Managing Director of Fuel PR, checks out forthcoming highlights of 28 November’s Nutraingredients/ESSNA conference in Frankfurt.

A controversial Oxford University ketones spin-off, GSK Nutrition on new EU caffeine regulations, and a sports nutrition veteran on what the “mainstreaming” of sports nutrition really means – PLUS speakers and topics including sports nutrition performance at Rio, the latest in QC measures and methods and nutrigenomics and sports nutrition – it’s a full-on line-up for the inaugural Nutraingredients/ESSNA 1 day conference ahead of HI Europe.


“Sports nutrition is a challenging sector – regulations adapt to blurring niche and mainstream markets, driven by rapidly evolving scientific research regarding how nutrients affect the body, health and performance,” said Nutraingredients senior editor Shane Starling.

“In an Olympic year which celebrates sport against a background of heightened cynicism and doping scandals, come along and find out why the spotlight has never shone brighter on sports nutrition”.


See the full programme here.


For tickets email fiona.forbes@wrbm.com. 

For info please contact Gillian Waddell (gillian@fuelrefuel.com).