Men vs. Women- How Do We Purchase Our Skincare Products? | Fuel PR

Men, women and skincare… it’s not something that usually intertwines into the same sentence.

But times are changing as the taboo surrounding male grooming becomes nothing more than a distant memory. But the question is, how do men and women purchase their skincare products? And what is the ‘criteria’?

Close-up of young woman holding containers with shower gel, lotion and liquid soap
Image Source: Freepik

For men, it seems simple… just do the job. But for many, this isn’t the case as men begin to splash out on their products (or simply steal their partners expensive gear).

Having healthy skin is always the end goal, many would have dreamed of this at school when acne was rife for both boys and girls. Grooming has become decidedly gender fluid, with both sexes cherry-picking products aimed at the other.

I’ve mixed and matched in the past, while I’m not an avid user of a host of products, as someone who used to suffer badly from spots… I dabbled with some more ‘feminine’ products to help me out.

Was I shy about it? Absolutely but the stereotype surrounding a male using skincare products is nothing more than that. Now that I’m more accustomed to skincare products, I know what works and what doesn’t, so I play it safe and just use the one, which does the job for me.

Fuel PR’s Parveen and Sophie gave us their views on how they purchase skincare products from a female perspective.

Parveen said: ‘I take a number of things into consideration including ingredients, SPF, and if it targets my particular skin needs/issues.

 ‘I also like to do lots of research on products before buying (social media, reviews, amongst other things). I’m not brand loyal, my main concern is they aren’t harmful, improve the quality of my skin and live up to their claims.’

While Sophie says word-of-mouth is key for her: ‘The biggest deciding factor when buying skincare products such as makeup, fake tan or moisturiser is a recommendation from a friend.

 ‘This has played a deciding role in purchasing my last primer and fake tan. Celebrity endorsement is somewhat influential to me if I feel it is genuine, however a celebrity who is paid to advertise a brand would not encourage me to buy a certain product.’

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