Is romance dead? Should you play the field on Valentine’s Day? | Fuel PR


Feeling sad and lonely?  Stuck in a rut with nowhere to go?

Gillian Waddell reports “Over the weekend, we surveyed over 600 people in a relationship, and found that only 1/5 thought it was a “special time to share the love” and that they would be likely to make love with a partner on 14 February, St Valentine’s Day.”


Sadly, that leaves about 80% of the UK population a bit disconnected – and many brands are suffering a similar fate!  We want to help you fix that right now – and end this week feeling all luvved up!

Gillian continues “It’s all too easy for brands to disconnect from shoppers.  We play the field by helping businesses gather fast answers to pressing questions which helps them with customer-focussed insights, as well as compelling call to action PR strategies.  This week, when love is in the air, we’re exploring what gives people divine pleasure and whether they can expect to receive it on Valentine’s Day.”


Robin Shuker, MD of Fuel’s partner Field Agent explains “Field Agent uses crowdsourcing and mobile apps to bring customer experience into the boardroom.  Real-time results on our dashboard with photos and video so you can see what’s really happening, in home, in store and one the street, you name it, we investigate it – quickly and cost-effectively.”


We want to spread the love so we’re getting together to offer you a red-hot Valentine’s Day research gift – 100 answers to 10 questions for £100 with results on your dashboard and 50 people sharing real time experiences in store and at home for £500.


Email Gillian Waddell on Gillian@fuelrefuel.com for more information and quick response action!