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07 Dec 2018

Gillian Waddell, MD says New peanut-allergy drug could be a breakthrough

New peanut-allergy drug could be a breakthrough Gillian Waddell, MD of Fuel PR Allergy is one of the most common chronic diseases in Europe.  Over 44% of British Adults suffer from an allergy and over the past 20 years there has been a 615% increase in anaphylaxis hospital admissions.  It was reassuring to read in the New England Journal of Medicine that they are getting closer to finding some solutions and cures.  Peanut allergy is extremely difficult to manage for […]

23 Nov 2018

Facebook investing £4.5m to train local reporters in the UK

Facebook investing £4.5m to train local reporters in the UK Gillian Waddell, MD for Fuel PR responds to the Facebook news  Social media giant Facebook has announced a £4.5m training scheme for local UK newsrooms. The scheme consists of training 80 new local newsrooms through the NCTJ, a charity which offers formal training to aspiring journalists. According to the Telegraph, Facebook will work with UK local newspaper publishers Newsquest, JPIMedia, Reach, Archant and the Midland News Association to oversee the […]

12 Nov 2018

What is your strategy for Amazon for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is fast approaching! What is your strategy for Amazon? written by Gillian Waddell MD, Fuel For Amazon  Mark the 23rd November and 26th November 2018 in your diaries as these are pivotal dates for commercial sales on the global platform – aka Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Did you know… – Globally 60% of all online transactions on Cyber Monday last year (2017) happened at Amazon which is staggering (Tech Radar – A whopping £1.4bn […]

09 Nov 2018

Gillian Waddell asks What is your brand’s strategy for Amazon?

Gillian Waddell asks ‘What is your brand’s strategy for Amazon?’ We’ve all been there. Typed in those six letters, appropriate dot something and then off we go. Navigating our way through retail nirvana searching and shopping for presents, for treats, for must-haves and the can’t-live-without and the can’t-find-anywhere-else and the simply-must-have-it-next-day. If that is how you feel about shopping with the world’s largest global retailer – one of a top 10 of global URLs visited daily –  then imagine what […]

12 Sep 2018

Fuel PR clients Palmer’s, Tatti Lashes and NEEK Skin Organics have been shortlisted for SIX Pure Beauty Awards 2018

Fuel PR clients Palmer’s, Tatti Lashes and NEEK Skin Organics have been shortlisted for SIX Pure Beauty Awards 2018 Fuel PR is excited to announce that Palmer’s, Tatti Lashes and NEEK Skin Organics have been shortlisted for SIX Pure Beauty Awards 2018! The Pure Beauty Awards celebrate the brands, products and sales staff that have made the biggest impact in the UK Beauty Industry over the past twelve months. The Pure Beauty Awards entries are initially assessed by a panel of […]

24 Jul 2017

Are you trying to achieve brand stand out in UK Pharmacy – Fuel PR can help you!

Fuel PR runs and manages AIM, the Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies, which is a member organisation of dynamic community pharmacy businesses.   Did you know that AIM members represent a significant number of pharmacies across the UK, delivering primary healthcare and advice to their local communities? Fuel PR Are you looking to reach pharmacy decision makers to encourage them to stock your brand?   Do you want to meet like mind suppliers?   Do you want unparalleled insight into […]

19 Jul 2017

So Divine Wins the Most Intimate Test of the Year from Good Housekeeping Institute | Fuel PR

So Divine Massaging Wand named one of three winners in exclusive test   The So Divine ‘Wicked Game’ Massaging Wand has been named a winner by the Good Housekeeping Institute. Twenty seven different varieties of vibrators were put through their paces over the last two months, and So Divine has come out on top with an overall score of 77 out of 100. Good Housekeeping Institute noted that ‘all the testers agreed they found it pleasurable to use’.[1] [1] Good […]

27 Jun 2017
16 Jun 2017

Gillian Waddell Announces ANGEL EQT New Partnership with BRITANNIA’S GOLD | Fuel PR

Angel EQT, a unique new online community funding platform, has announced its inaugural partnership investment venture with Britannia’s Gold Ltd, which is on an important quest to recover an estimated £4.5bn of Britain’s gold and precious metals, lost at sea during World Wars I and II.   Britannia’s Gold will work with Angel EQT investors to finance the bespoke survey and salvage operations required to recover identified shipwreck cargoes and return them to the UK, for the combined benefit of […]

14 Jun 2017

Dr Andrew Scott: Our history and vision of the future with tea plant genes | Fuel PR

Our learning in tea plants is taking it’s next steps with Professor Goa’s studies, published this month, from the South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou, with Camellia sinensis variety assamica cultivar Yunkang 10. Tea plants have two varieties the first originally found in China around the Ichow hills in Sichuan (Camellia sinensis variety sinensis), found around BC 2736, and the second discovered in India around the hills of Sivagasar, Assam (Camellia sinensis variety assamica) in 1823. Although they originally grew in […]