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14 Dec 2017

We say goodbye to two amazing interns and look back on their experience at their time at Fuel PR. “I cannot believe that my short time at Fuel has already come to an end. From the first time I met everyone I felt like part of the team. During my time here I was exposed to the real world of public relations and it taught me more than any class could ever. Though this was not my first internship, I […]

07 Aug 2017

Fuel PR Intern, Wesley: The most informative and enriching experience so far in my academic career

Internship at Fuel PR My internship experience at Fuel PR has been one of the most informative and enriching experiences so far in my academic career. It was my first internship and I was worried that I would suffer a stereotypical internship where I did primarily what would be described as “grunt” work, but I was assured by Leandra during my interview that this would not be the case. It was comforting to hear these words and to see the […]

09 Nov 2016

Kappa Bioscience PR Case Study | Fuel PR

Learn how Fuel PR delivers public relations services with intelligence and efficiency – a crucial demand from all of our clients. The following is a case study of Fuel PR client, Kappa Bioscience – the pioneer in development and production of the only synthetic and biologically active all-trans menaquinone-7 (vitamin K2 MK-7), marketed under the K2VITAL® brand name.   Objective: Support commercial objectives of being the No 1 provider of K2 MK-7 in the International market place Strategy: Raise profile of International dynamic […]

17 May 2016

Fuel PR International: Shona Wilkinson’s Guest Post

What is it? – Nutrigenomics is certainly the new buzz word but what exactly is it? Genetics is the study of genes which determine how similar or different we are from each other.  Nutrigenomics simply combines the study of nutrition and genetics. There are some genetic markers you just can’t change e.g. genetically predisposed to be tall or have big ears!  Through genetic testing however, we can see how certain genes can affect the rate of absorption, distribution, metabolism or […]

10 May 2016

Fuel PR International for Kappa Bioscience at Vitafoods Europe | Fuel PR

For help with your international PR requirements please contact Gillian Waddell (Gillian@fuelrefuel.com) and Susan Leigh (Susan@fuelrefuel.com) at Fuel PR

13 Apr 2016
08 Apr 2016

Fuel Report: Natural Products Expo West, Anaheim March 2016 | Fuel PR

Fuel PR’s Managing Director, Gillian Waddell, attended natural Products Expo West.

12 Feb 2016

7 easy tips on how to start leading an active lifestyle | Fuel PR

Fuel PR thoughts on how to start leading an active lifestyle.