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10 Jan 2020

Gillian Waddell, MD Fuel PR announces new client Regular Girl

Gillian Waddell, MD Fuel PR announces new client Regular Girl Gillian Waddell, MD Fuel PR announces new client Regular Girl. Thanks to Regular Girl, a Low-FODMAP diet isn’t the only answer. Everyone, without exception, wants to feel the comfort of being regular and stopping those familiar unwanted and uncomfortable gut responses – with a solution they can trust. Formulated for women by a woman nutritionist and dietitian, Regular Girl uses award winning Sunfiber® soluble dietary fibre and clinically proven probiotic Bifidobacterium […]

21 Sep 2018

Free Soul celebrate their first birthday

Free Soul celebrate their first birthday Fuel PR wish Free Soul a happy birthday! Free Soul focuses on the unique nutritional needs of women in a way no-one else does. Free Soul have worked with leading nutritionists in the UK to formulate products that are unique and effective, and are specifically targeted towards women. The Fuel PR team enjoy working on their amazing products to connect with women across the UK. To celebrate their successful first year, they are offering […]

14 Aug 2018

Gillian Waddell looks at how Anthea Turner examines bone disease and how Litholexal is helping to support her Osteopenia in today’s Daily Express

Gillian Waddell looks at how Anthea Turner examines bone disease and how Litholexal is helping to support her Osteopenia in today’s Daily Express Osteoporosis, the medical condition in which bones become brittle and fragile, typically as a result of hormonal changes, or deficiency of calcium or vitamin D, affects over three million people in the UK 1. Millions more suffer from osteopenia, the pre-osteoporotic condition where bones are weakened and may develop into osteoporosis. The latter applies to TV celebrity […]

26 Mar 2018

Fuel Agenda Monitoring

Fuel Agenda Monitoring Fuel PR provides a top-line, free of charge, weekly agenda monitoring service across health, beauty and wellness; primarily focused on the UK market. A sample of this week’s edition is below; if you would like to be added to the distribution list, please contact Gillian@fuelrefuel.com. 26 March 2018 London Protein Water Co Goes Mainstream With Ocado Listing Protein Water Co, the British brand behind the UK’s first natural protein-infused waters, has secured the first nationwide supermarket listing […]

16 Jun 2017

Gillian Waddell Announces ANGEL EQT New Partnership with BRITANNIA’S GOLD | Fuel PR

Angel EQT, a unique new online community funding platform, has announced its inaugural partnership investment venture with Britannia’s Gold Ltd, which is on an important quest to recover an estimated £4.5bn of Britain’s gold and precious metals, lost at sea during World Wars I and II.   Britannia’s Gold will work with Angel EQT investors to finance the bespoke survey and salvage operations required to recover identified shipwreck cargoes and return them to the UK, for the combined benefit of […]

14 Jun 2017

Dr Andrew Scott: Our history and vision of the future with tea plant genes | Fuel PR

Our learning in tea plants is taking it’s next steps with Professor Goa’s studies, published this month, from the South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou, with Camellia sinensis variety assamica cultivar Yunkang 10. Tea plants have two varieties the first originally found in China around the Ichow hills in Sichuan (Camellia sinensis variety sinensis), found around BC 2736, and the second discovered in India around the hills of Sivagasar, Assam (Camellia sinensis variety assamica) in 1823. Although they originally grew in […]

16 May 2017

Top Ten Trends in New Product Innovations | Fuel PR

Fuel PR recently visited Vitafoods Europe – the global nutraceutical event for ingredients and raw materials for the dietary supplements and functional food & beverages industries held in Geneva, Switzerland. Vitafoods Europe provides visitors the opportunity to gain crucial advice and expertise on market trends, regulatory complexities, packaging and labelling challenges and market drivers, helping make better strategic business decisions. Gillian Waddell shares insights on the emerging trends in New Product Innovations, as revealed by Innova Market Insights: Clean Supreme […]

24 Apr 2017

ODABAN®: Give excess body sweat the boot and say hello to your new summer beauty essential

Keep cool this summer and avoid an office meltdown with this sweat busting formula from ODABAN®, the gentle yet effective brand that has relieved excessive sweating for consumers for over forty years. For centuries, the age old stigma attached to sweating has been linked to deep rooted social stigmas such as bad personal hygiene and a general lack of bodily cleanliness. A recent survey revealed 3% of the world’s population is affected by hyperhidrosis, the condition that causes extreme sweating […]