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04 Jun 2018

Dairy Free Yogurt – a Cultured Choice?

Fuel PR, leading boutique communications agency, examines trends, explores issues and discovers who’s creating solutions. Here’s our view on why Dairy Free is the rising star in the UK Yogurt Category… Dairy Free Yogurt – a Cultured Choice? It’s a safe bet when you last flicked through a health magazine or read a wellness blog, it suggested you think about going dairy-free. If you have a clinically diagnosed intolerance or simply believe you feel better consuming less milk, there’s no […]

31 Oct 2016

Protein Supplement Reduces Blood Pressure | Fuel PR

Whey protein reduces blood pressure for improved cardiometabolic health, shows Whey2Go clinical trial led by the University of Reading in partnership with Volac. The Whey2Go study is the first randomised clinical trial to evaluate the relative effects of milk proteins whey and calcium-caseinate on several cardiometabolic health markers. The study revealed that consumption of whey protein (28g twice a day for 8 weeks) resulted in clinically relevant reductions in 24-hour blood pressure compared with a maltodextrin control, a change that […]