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11 Oct 2017

K-beauty leads the way in beauty innovation

K-beauty leads the way in beauty innovation Nadia Cohen, Account Director at Fuel PR reports on South Korean beauty innovations rocking the beauty industry. South Korea’s beauty industry or K-beauty, as it’s known, has reached international cult status. Raising standards for innovation within the global beauty industry, and establishing itself as forwarding thinking and revolutionary in its development of new beauty categories. What is K-beauty known for? South Korean innovations such as BB creams, sheet masks, ampoules and stick applicators […]

15 Aug 2017

Fuel PR: Cosmetic expiration dates – Why do they matter?

We all know food goes out of date, but did you know that so do cosmetics? Nearly all consumers neglect expiration dates on their cosmetics, which is causing concern amongst skincare experts. The US National Institute of Health [1] commissioned a study which showed that 97% of people admitted to having used products which were well past their cosmetic expiration end date. The PAO symbol (period after opening) is present on all cosmetics packaging, informing consumers about how long to […]