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03 Dec 2018

Sports Nutrition Trends by Michael Ledger, JAE at Fuel PR

Sports Nutrition Trends   Written By Michael Ledger, Junior Account Executive at Fuel PR Until recently, sports nutrition has been associated with elite athletes and protein powders with extreme bodybuilding – not your average gym goer. However, the health and wellness market has successfully broadened its appeal to the general public. Industry reports show that 1 in 3 adults used a sports nutrition product with most users aged between 16-34, both men (63%) and women (43%). The rise in popularity has created […]

09 Feb 2018

Will Millennial Lifestylists Turn Sports Nutrition Vegan?

Will Millennial Lifestylists Turn Sports Nutrition Vegan? With millennials starting to come of age and embracing ‘fitness as life’, their desire for wellness and ethical living could drive the development and sales of functional vegan foods and protein products. Figures recently published in the Independent suggest that around 14% of people in the UK define themselves as vegan or vegetarian. But marketers take note – the figure among millennials, is more like 25% and growing! What we’re witnessing, is a […]