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18 Sep 2017

Gillian Waddell is thrilled to announce that Fuel PR has been appointed to handle the PR for LithoLexal®

Gillian Waddell, MD of Fuel PR is pleased to announce that Fuel has been appointed to handle the PR for LithoLexal® Award-winning LithoLexal® offers a new generation of products specifically created to help improve bone and joint health in the UK population. LithoLexal® products challenge traditional calcium alternatives, which are rock-based and hard for the body to absorb easily and effectively. PR Scientific studies have shown that LithoLexal® can help and support the normal Bone Rebuilding Cycle. Its unique marine […]

14 Jun 2017

Dr Andrew Scott: Our history and vision of the future with tea plant genes | Fuel PR

Our learning in tea plants is taking it’s next steps with Professor Goa’s studies, published this month, from the South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou, with Camellia sinensis variety assamica cultivar Yunkang 10. Tea plants have two varieties the first originally found in China around the Ichow hills in Sichuan (Camellia sinensis variety sinensis), found around BC 2736, and the second discovered in India around the hills of Sivagasar, Assam (Camellia sinensis variety assamica) in 1823. Although they originally grew in […]