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20 Jun 2018

Fuel PR looks at Summer Cider Trends 2018

Fuel PR looks at Summer Cider Trends 2018 With Summer’s hot weather starting to beam down on the UK, cooling summer ciders will be getting a timely boost; in fact, over a quarter of Brits (27%) drink more alcohol when the weather gets warmer [1]. With this Summer’s World Cup, it is likely this figure will increase even more substantially. What this means for alcohol producers, particularly in the cider industry, is an increased emphasis placed on sales volume over […]

17 May 2018

Fuel PR look at the upcoming summer trends in the fitness industry

Fuel PR look at the upcoming summer trends in the fitness industry As temperatures soar and summer approaches millions across the country are in a hurry to get fit. The pressure for that bikini body or that six pack is as high as ever at this time of year. Here are five upcoming summer trends that are sure to get you in shape for the summer ahead…. Wearable technology: Technology and fitness has collided in recent years. From GoPros to […]

09 Aug 2017

THE LOWDOWN ON SWEAT – Why Summer is the pits for Brits

Temperatures are up as we soak in the summer heat. So why are we wringing wet? Basking in the sun? Sort of. Rainy days? Not really, despite August’s doom-laden forecasts. Getting in a right sweat? Yes – for well over half of us. The new Lowdown on Sweat Survey[1] shows that 54.7% of Brits suffer from heavy sweating, with nearly two thirds (60.5%) of 25-34s pouring with it. It’s hot in the UK’s cities, with some sweatier than others – two […]

07 Aug 2017

Fuel PR Intern, Wesley: The most informative and enriching experience so far in my academic career

Internship at Fuel PR My internship experience at Fuel PR has been one of the most informative and enriching experiences so far in my academic career. It was my first internship and I was worried that I would suffer a stereotypical internship where I did primarily what would be described as “grunt” work, but I was assured by Leandra during my interview that this would not be the case. It was comforting to hear these words and to see the […]

24 Apr 2017

ODABAN®: Give excess body sweat the boot and say hello to your new summer beauty essential

Keep cool this summer and avoid an office meltdown with this sweat busting formula from ODABAN®, the gentle yet effective brand that has relieved excessive sweating for consumers for over forty years. For centuries, the age old stigma attached to sweating has been linked to deep rooted social stigmas such as bad personal hygiene and a general lack of bodily cleanliness. A recent survey revealed 3% of the world’s population is affected by hyperhidrosis, the condition that causes extreme sweating […]