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17 Apr 2018

Gillian Waddell, Managing Director of Fuel PR International, and Imogen Wolsey registered dietitian report: Food of the Month- Activated Charcoal- for health and beauty.

A charcoal based pizza for dinner might seem a little on the strange side at first glance, but with desirably detoxifying effects alongside teeth whitening outcomes this new food supplement has already been making its mark on the new year. Activated by high temperatures, this by-product of burnt char and other substances is highly porous with a large surface area and a negative energy charge; helping to trap toxins and stop the body from absorbing them. This detoxifying property is […]

27 Mar 2018

Fuel PR Highlight the Need for Marketers to Work with Influencers Ahead of FIBO & BodyPower 2018

Fuel PR Highlight the Need for Marketers to Work with Influencers Ahead of FIBO & BodyPower 2018 During the past year, Fuel PR has focused on working with influencers in the fitness, nutrition and lifestyle industries – something that’s becoming increasingly vital for brand success. Indeed, the need for brands to ensure their marketing efforts are influencer-optimised across all channels, will be evident at two of 2018’s key fitness and nutrition industry shows, FIBO and BodyPower, in addition to the […]

16 Mar 2018

Anaheim 2018 Natural Products Expo Follow-up – Her Spirit Is Strong.

Anaheim 2018 Natural Products Expo Follow-up – Her Spirit Is Strong You may have read my thoughts on what would be trending at the 2018 Natural Products Expo West – inclusive of cannabinoids, innovative proteins, veganism, organics and lifestyle nutrition. Having just got back from the show, which attracted 80,000 professionals and over 3,000 leading industry brands, the strength of these niches was certainly evident. However, as ever, the Expo helped to refine precisely ‘What’s hot and what’s not’. One […]

01 Mar 2018

Anaheim 2018 Health Expo – Trends to Expect (including cannabinoid-infused water!)

Anaheim 2018 Health Expo – Trends to Expect (including cannabinoid-infused water!) Europe’s about to shiver under a late blast of winter. But we can expect to see some hot trends emerging at the 2018 Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California from March 7 – 11 – including a new emphasis on lifestyle nutrition and the emergence of cannabinoids and advanced bioactive peptides. The industry’s progression is exciting and the future is bright for the brands who evolve with consumer […]

19 Feb 2018

Is’Millennial’ a Behaviour – and What Does It Mean for the Nutrition Industry?

Is ‘Millennial’ a Behaviour – and What Does It Mean for the Nutrition Industry? For some time the lifestyle and sports nutrition industry has targeted a significant amount of their marketing budget at the millennial market – embracing concepts such as ‘Millennial Lifestylists’ and their potential to turn sports nutrition increasingly vegan. For example, Scitec, one of Europe’s leading sports nutrition brands, has developed a vegan protein powder, due to consumer demand. However, others in the industry, and indeed the […]

04 May 2017

Personal Nutrition Emerges As Next Industry Trend – Fuel PR

Personal nutrition is emerging as a key issue and opportunity for the nutrition industry, according to research recently conducted by the organisers of Vitafoods Europe 2017, which takes place from 9 – 11 May in Geneva. The research reflects the emergence of new possibilities such as individualised dietary guidelines, wearable technology, personalised nutrition based on genetic testing and nutrigenomics, which is regarded as both an important short and long term trend. The research highlights the continuing importance of quality evidence […]

24 Apr 2017

ODABAN®: Give excess body sweat the boot and say hello to your new summer beauty essential

Keep cool this summer and avoid an office meltdown with this sweat busting formula from ODABAN®, the gentle yet effective brand that has relieved excessive sweating for consumers for over forty years. For centuries, the age old stigma attached to sweating has been linked to deep rooted social stigmas such as bad personal hygiene and a general lack of bodily cleanliness. A recent survey revealed 3% of the world’s population is affected by hyperhidrosis, the condition that causes extreme sweating […]

20 Mar 2017

Fuel PR Reports Back: Top Highlights from Natural Expo 2017

Recently Fuel PR had the pleasure of attending the 37th annual Natural Products West – the world’s largest natural, organic and healthy products convention held in Anaheim, California USA. The show, produced by New Hope Network, brought together industry pioneers, 3,100 exhibiting companies including 500 first-time exhibitors, and more than 80,000 attendees. Gillian Waddell, Managing Director of Fuel PR, reports back on emerging trends:   1. Brands with purpose Did you know that the average consumer will pay more for […]

11 Jan 2016

Guest Post: How to choose your lip care cosmetic properly? | Fuel PR

There are many lip care cosmetic products available in the market. It is very hard at times to choose and make a preference for the best product that suits your lips. However, you will be making a gross mistake if you just take a product that comes your way for your cosmetic care. You need to know the needs of your lip before settling on a product. Look for guiding information about how to plump up your lips from your […]