Two brilliant interns share their experience at Fuel PR

Two brilliant interns share their experience at Fuel PR.

“Before coming to Fuel PR, I was in a difficult position of not knowing what to do with my year off from university. I knew that I wanted to go into Public Relations, but I didn’t have a lot of options compared to a lot of people on my course, when applying for internships and placement schemes, because I didn’t have any experience in PR. I remember sending my CV and Covering letter over to Sophie and within a few days, I received an email inviting me in for an interview.

I was anxious and all these thoughts were going through my head, believing that I wasn’t going to get anywhere with this interview and I was wasting my time. The interview had ended and I had to wait a couple of days to find out, whether I was successful. I then received an email from Fuel stating that they would like to offer me an intern role. It was the best feeling, as I was thrilled that finally a company had decided to give me a chance and wanted to help as I began my career in PR.

My time at Fuel has been an experience that I will truly never forget. I have worked with a lot of individuals who have made me understand the industry of PR and working closely with them has made me understand the qualities I need to have if I decide to remain in PR. I would have moments when I would feel overwhelmed and demotivated, but I was surrounded by a lot of individuals on the beauty team who would give up their time to teach me and train me up. I have had quite a few internships, throughout the year, but Fuel PR has definitely been one in which I can say that I was pushed and tested the most. Within the first week, I had learnt more about PR than I had at any of my other internships.

I have particularly enjoyed working across a large number of brands, helping with mail outs and contacting bloggers and influencers on a daily basis. It has shown me why I enjoyed being involved within the media industry and why taking my placement year in PR was a good decision. I’m really grateful for the opportunity, working at such a great PR firm, with amazing individuals. This opportunity has allowed me to explore so many other career paths, that I may consider after university. But also, most importantly, it has shown me the skills I need to have when I eventually leave university.

A massive thank you to everyone at Fuel PR.”



“My year working at Fuel PR has been completely different to anything I have done in my life. I have been able to gain valuable experience that will serve me well in my future career. Over the past 12 months, I have worked across as many as fifteen different accounts, as well as working closely with our Managing Director Gillian on wider projects for the company. These have all involved varying degrees of involvement and responsibility and have helped me to develop a vastly diverse skillset.

From day one, I was integrated fully into the team, and have been offered every opportunity to grow and take on new challenges in the year that followed. In my first couple of months at Fuel PR, I was given support and guidance on how to best approach day-to-day tasks from my team. I started by learning about the different clients I would be dealing with and then I began to take on more challenging media relations activities and involvement with clients. I owe a lot to my former colleague Alex for helping to guide me through my first months and teaching me how to succeed at Fuel.

Just a few weeks into my internship, I was given the lead responsibility across a couple clients, where I was managing the day to day media activities, with the support of my colleagues whenever I needed it. This trust and support really helped me to grow into my role at the company, and allowed me to learn the finer details of what it takes to work with clients in PR. Roughly two or three months into my internship I began to take on more responsibility and started to be involved in client meetings and develop a greater understanding of intricacies of client relationships. As time went on and my understanding of my role grew, I started communicating with clients directly, as always this was with support from my team whenever I needed it. By this point I was working as either the lead or second member across seven highly varied accounts, it really meant that every day was different and exciting!

Perhaps the most challenging, but rewarding, period in this past year was roughly around the halfway mark. My efforts over this period were rewarded with a promotion, which I was especially proud of.

Throughout the last 6 months I have continued to be exposed to continuously different aspects of running a business. Working in an open plan office and working closely with the Managing Director has meant that my knowledge of the wider business world now is significantly greater than it was this time last year.

At Fuel you are really pushed to, as the old adage goes, either sink or swim. In my time at Fuel PR I have not only been able to swim, but I have been given many tools to help me succeed following my graduation from University next year. Thank you to all the staff for what has been an excellent placement year!”



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