Upcoming Changes in the Social Media Sphere for Business | Fuel PR

Social media networks are considered to be the most powerful tool to create low-cost advertising with a worldwide reach.

It is hard to disagree – social profiles are free to set up and easy to manage, so rising interest in using them in marketing strategy should not be a surprise. Marketers already benefit from skilfully managed social platforms as they offer a large range of options to reach potential clients- video marketing, social media contests, native ads and 24-hour online customer service. But is there more we can do in order to add value to our marketing efforts? Fuel PR looks at upcoming changes in the social media sphere.

  1. Instagram for business

First off, Instagram has decided to take a step forward and help businesses with their online presence on this popular photo-sharing platform. A few months ago they introduced a multiple Instagram accounts feature, which enables the marketers to run and manage up to 5 different accounts at the same time (with no need to log in and log off all the time). As it became successful, the founders decided to make Instagram even more business-friendly and they are just about to bring in the Instagram’s Analytics Tool- an easy, built-in tool (accessible from the front page of News Feed), which will provide an overview of your Instagram performance. Analytics dashboard adopted the Facebook term ‘insights’ which means from now you will be able to analyze the impressions of your posts and track the followers to gather information about their  location, age, gender and online activity. Moreover, all the profiles dedicated particularly to brands & companies will benefit from a variety of useful features including “Contact” button, access to maps and directions, and the ability to categorize the business by type. However, there is one condition- in order to qualify and be able to use these new features your business will have to have an official Facebook page.


Image Source: MacWorld

2. Facebook Instant Articles

Mark Zuckerberg found an ideal solution to post long and informative text content- Facebook Instant Articles. The newest feature allows the Facebook community to read full-fledged articles without users even having to leave a social app, so they can easily access interactive and immersive articles from their favourite publishers and brands directly from Facebook News Feed

3. Twitter expands the 140-character limit

If you wonder why so many brands have given up on their Twitter activity, this might be an answer. Thankfully, the founders of the microblogging service decided to offer more tweeting space to the users and the platform will stop counting links and photos against the 140-character limit. Happy times!

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