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The weather has become colder, and it’s bound to be as Fall turns to Winter.  It’s likely that you’ve been noticing changes in your skin as well, and it could be more than just the change in temp that’s making your skin misbehave.  It’s possible that the skincare routine and the products that you are subscribing to are not meant for the harsh conditions of winter.

Here are a handful of tips for skincare in winter to get you started right this season:

 Tip No. 1:  Do cleanse, tone and exfoliate in between.  First up on this list of dos and don’ts remain to be your three skincare basics. These three steps are good for any kind of weather. Even if you’re getting drier skin around this time of year, it is important for you to exfoliate. Dry skin can clog your pores and keeps oil in, unable to lubricate the surface of your skin.

Tip No. 2:  Don’t forget to spoil your body with a scrub.  Bring the exfoliation to the rest of your body to keep your skin supple and healthy by eliminating dry and damaged skin.  Try thermal scrubs.  These scrubs allow you to enjoy your bath without shivering in the cold.  These scrubs warm your body, giving you not only beautiful skin but also a relaxing feeling.

Tip No. 3:  Do Moisturize.  Whereas the sheer, lightweight moisturizers were favored by your skin during the humid days of summer, in winter, you’ll need heavier creams to help your skin better cope with the dry weather.  Start by signing up a moisturizing essential oil.  Your best choices are coconut oil, almond oil, rose oil or rosewater.

 Tip No. 4:  Don’t miss out on any opportunity to moisturize again.  You can’t possibly have too much moisture in winter so, go ahead and put on some more.  As much as you can, treat your face, neck, and other areas of your skin with products that give your skin added boost of moisture.  Get hold of moisturizing sheet masks and sleep packs which literally soak your skin in moisturizing formulas.  The first works like any mask but, with paper or rubber sheets on, it leaves your skin better hydrated.  Sleep packs are a great substitute for your usual basic night cream.  These fluid formulas are packed rather than spread around your skin.  Let it sit on your skin overnight to allow it to seep in.

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Tip No. 5: Do apply sunscreen. Going out? Just because the weather is gloomy, it does not follow that UV will do your skin no or less harm. Sunscreen is a given in any list of skincare do’s and don’ts. Yet, sunscreens are often left out of people’s skincare regimens. Even if you’ve been religiously applying yours, however, now is a good time to take a closer look at what your sunscreen is made of. As many sunscreens are toxic, these products are not only harmful to your skin but to your overall health as well.

Tip No. 6: Don’t use very hot water. Either too cold or too hot will dry up your skin. Keep your baths lukewarm.

Tip No. 7: Do use a humidifier. Air conditioning and heating systems dry up the air inside enclosed spaces. Improve the moisture of the air around you by plugging in a humidifier. It releases more moisture in the air so that your skin is not left out to dry.

Tip No. 8: Don’t rub. It’s a simple yet, nevertheless, important in keeping moisture locked in your skin. Pat your skin when you towel dry.

Tip No. 9: Do make it a habit to remove all products from your skin at the end of the day. It’s another skincare basic you shouldn’t skip in winter.

Tip No. 10: Do invest more effort in moisturizing your lips too. One of the tips for skincare in winter you should not forget is to keep your lips from drying out too.


Winter can be a good time for your skin if only you’d take the time to observe closer how the dry, cold weather is making it (mis)behave.  Start with these 10 tips and your skin will stay healthy throughout this season.

Author Bio:

Vaileria Dennis is a beauty and skin care expert, having 10 years of experience in beauty industry and providing healthy living tips. She is also passionate about fashion, makeup, women issues and more. In recent years, she has had an opportunity to learn about style and skincare. She is  always excited to share her ideas related to beauty tips, skincare and fashion trends. Also write for thebeautyinsiders.com

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