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This January we are celebrating #Veganuary which aims to increase awareness of the animal-free diet and highlight why it can be a great lifestyle choice. The official website for Veganuary can be found here (www.veganuary.com) and it includes tasty recipes, interesting facts about Veganism as well as a whole host of ways in which you can participate- on your own terms!

Going Vegan

Are you ready for the challenge? For the majority, cutting meat, fish or dairy out of their diet is no mean feat, particularly if leading a very active lifestyle. Fortunately it has been proven that being vegan does not affect your daily activities providing a balanced diet is maintained throughout.

The vegan diet is based on five primary groups of nutrients: whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts/seeds. If you combine all of these properties you ensure a well-balanced diet as well as varied nutrient proportions. Consuming plant products such as these will provide all of the necessary vitamins and nutrients you need. However if you are a regular gym-goer you must remember to increase your daily protein intake to ensure you are burning through fat, not muscle.

Switching to vegan is not only about changing your diet. It is worth considering how people consume animals in other ways. For example for fabric and cosmetic testing. Being a true vegan requires you to give up wearing textiles originating from animals and to use only 100% natural, animal-free cosmetics.

Pros & Cons of Veganism

Many well-known A-list celebrities have gone Vegan including Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt and Justin Timberlake so if you are looking for some great inspiration then why not follow in their footsteps.

Are there any negatives to Veganism? Unfortunately there can be- improper dieting can lead to a shortage in energy and many important nutrients including protein, vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium, iron and zinc. A poorly balanced vegan diet can also, reportedly, increase the risk of anaemia, rickets, osteomalacia and osteoporosis, malnutrition protein, thyroid, menstrual disorders and diarrhoea (due to excess dietary fibre).


This year, nearly 50,000 declared they were going vegan and we predict many more will follow. We, for one, are right behind Veganuary and we hope that it will increase the awareness of an animal-free, healthy lifestyle!

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