Treating Serious Vitamin B12 Deficiency: A Case of Risk-Benefit Balancing Gone Mad

“Around two million people in the UK are seriously deficient in B12 and it should be really easy to treat them – supplement them with pills or injections. Amazingly the treatment people actually get is too often ineffective and damaging” Jerome Burne, the editor of HealthInsightUK, shares his views with Gillian Waddell, Managing Director of Fuel PR.

“As a result relatively mild symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, frequent pins and needles, dizziness and fuzzy thinking are allowed to develop into really serious disorders such as dementia or psychosis.”


For the full story please visit: http://healthinsightuk.org/2016/10/17/treating-serious-vitamin-b12-deficiency-a-case-of-risk-benefit-balancing-gone-mad/