My Internship Experience at Fuel PR | Fuel PR

Regina Raphael, a student from Boston, joined the Beauty Team here at Fuel PR for a work experience placement. Regina wrote an excellent article about her experience here and shares her thoughts on the benefits of international internship.


Prior to the start of my internship with London creative public relations and marketing agency, Fuel PR, I knew that if I were able to complete the internship achieving three goals, I would have successfully cultivated a beneficial experience for my future career. By the end of the internship I looked to gain a greater understanding of cultural differences in the workspace, a grasp on my professional strengths and weaknesses, and finally to gain true professional experience within a Public Relations Agency.


I do feel as though I have achieved these initial goals. What I find misleading and frustrating about many internships is that often you’ll find that the company does not utilize your contributions and strengths to the best of your ability. Many times, students will find that rather than learning about their field, they are completing mundane tasks that are altogether miniscule in the grand scheme of things. What I deeply appreciated about my short time with Fuel is that I always felt as though my actions, tasks, and responsibilities were contributions that were of help to my team, and the agency as a whole. Some of my larger responsibilities included creating flyers to be sent to target publications, contacting journalists on behalf of clients, and ultimately compiling a client coverage report at the end of the month. All responsibilities and skills that are extremely beneficial to learn for the Public Relations profession.

What I unquestionably enjoyed about the agency was the great sense of camaraderie amongst my coworkers. There was always an opportunity to learn from my cohorts, because of their willingness to teach and answer any questions. No matter whether they worked for differing departments, I found that all employees were strong and cooperative team players, a very special circumstance that I know from experience is not present in all work environments.

As my time working in London has come to a close, I can not say I haven’t grown and learned in several ways including professionally. As I graduate in May and hopefully begin my career working for a Public Relations agency or Branding firm, I look to apply all that I’ve learned from this experience. For those looking for an internship experience that challenges, teaches, and welcomes you, Fuel PR is the place.


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